Python::Serialize::Pickle::InlinePython B!

Python::Serialize::Pickle::InlinePython is a serializer/deserializer for Python's serializer format named Pickle.

Python::Serialize::Pickle is already exists in the CPAN, but it is no longer maintain. It does not supports recent Python's pickle format.

Python::Serialize::Pickle::InlinePython uses Inline::Python to manipulate pickle. It is very simple and easy!

    use Data::Dumper;
    use Python::Serialize::Pickle::InlinePython;

    # load it
    my $pic = Python::Serialize::Pickle::InlinePython->new('data.pickle');
    while (my $dat = $pic->load()) {
        warn Dumper($dat);

    # dump it
    my $pic = Python::Serialize::Pickle::InlinePython->new('>data.pickle');